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.5 ML Ejuice Vapor Cartridges 510 Threaded

.5 ML Ejuice Vapor Cartridges 510 Threaded

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HVCBD's .5 ML cartridges are pre-filled with our premium CBD E-Juice.

The CBD E-Juice Pens contain trace amounts of THC (.03% or less) and PG + flavoring. Since this is a thinner oil they are in a Plastic based cart with wick delivery system, do not heat these carts for more than 10 seconds at a time. $24.99

The hemp plants naturally rich terpenes are preserved providing you with a wonderful flavor. Each .5 ML cartridge contains about 300 mg of CBD.

They are quick way to get relief on the go and on demand. 

*These cartridges require a separate vaporizer battery with a standard 510 connector. This battery requires an output range of 3.3v - 3.9v (most basic e-cig batteries with a button should work).

For those using a box mod device, we recommend a wattage setting of around 4.8w - 5.7w.

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