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CBD Tinctures / CBD Oils

Hudson Valley CBD Tinctures contain the highest quality Colorado grown
Industrial hemp extract.
HVCBD uses the "raw" whole plant extract offering the full spectrum of Cannabinoids and Terpenes that the plant has to offer.
Studies on CBD Tinctures show that they can help and improve overall stress management, improve focus, provide relief from anxiety as well as benefit whole body joint, muscle and bone health.
Tinctures are taken in a sublingual method (orally ingested) and one of the best ways to ensure a consistent supply of CBD is always active in your body. Our tinctures come in four flavors to cater to different  tastes:
Natural, Lemon, Tangerine, and Spearmint.
One dropper-full of our tincture is a sufficient dose, but patients can safely ingest more as needed.
Ingredients - MCT oil, Flavor oil, Hemp extract
Dosage per bottle
300mg of CBD in 30ml provides roughly 10-12mg of CBD per 1ml dropper
500mg of CBD in 30ml provides roughly 16.6-19mg of CBD per 1ml dropper
1000mg of CBD in 30ml provides roughly 33mg-36mg of CBD per 1ml dropper
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