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Waste Free Golden Hour Iced Tea & Peach Peel Jam Recipe - Guest blog with FreeDotCom Kitchen

As we creep into Virgo season, it’s likely our sense of control will be heightened and giving us that tingly spidey sense a bit more than usual. Virgo is the sign of hard workers, loyalists, creative problem metabolizers, blue sky visionaries, and within all of these real life perfectionist categories comes a blazing fire of intensity. CBD is an incredible, all natural household staple for thriving professionals because of its anti-inflammatory qualities that help reduce blood pressure, aid in regulating our immune systems, and help heal from the stress we put on our minds and bodies.

Golden hour is loosely defined as the small window of time when the light’s strength magnifies right before it sets. The sun soaks and revitalizes everything the golden light touches, and some people believe this time contains some ancient magical energy. Athletes, Chefs, and Teachers alike know how vital it is to “fuel the machine” that we call our bodies so we can stay in optimal health. Some of us have learned how to spend our energy on the things we can control like our work out routine or our nutrition, while others dare to do more. Whichever category you land in,
self care sustainable practices are a must to maintain your momentum.

If you are an Earth sign, Virgo - Taurus - Capricorn, we do more than just enjoy nature, we need to be connected as often as possible. This could look like sipping some peach tea in the backyard barefoot in some dewey grass, gifting your neighbor some fresh jelly with a humble brag about upcycling scraps and doing your part as a good citizen, checking and rechecking the mail for your HudsonValley CBD package....or perhaps it’s accomplishing all three on your day off!

Either way, we’ve prepared a great 2 for 1 recipe bundle specially designed for the end of summer golden hour soaks and thriving professionals who need an excuse to just sit back and sip some home made sun tea.