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Free Blood Orange CBD Mule Mocktail Recipe - Guest blog with FreeDotCom Kitchen

The Zen Mule; hydrate your mind.

In the early 40’s, a Russian immigrant woman named Sophie Berezinski saved the Smirnoff brand with her original copper mug designs completely by accident. John Martin was in the Cock’n’Bull Pub on the Sunset Strip when he was discussing how Americans don’t drink vodka. Why is this important? She designed the "purple cow" of the modern marketing world for John Martin even though the two happen to meet at the right time in the right place. This kind of luck, while unpredictable, reconfirms the importance of intuition and listening to our guts.

When we tap into our intuition, it can lead us to that right place, right time, right person too, despite all odds. One way to start this simple practice is to put your CBD tincture in the fridge for a few minutes until it gets cold. I recommend using Hudson Valley CBD. They have really nice natural tasting flavors and their products are all tested with available lab results on their website.

Next, find a sweet spot to sit and take five normal breaths with your eyes open. Listen to the sounds around you, notice the smells, feel the textures. Take your desired amount of cold CBD and then close your eyes and take five more breaths.

Notice a difference?


July's Call to Action

Let things draw your attention away, notice when it happens and try following it with calm, open minded curiosity. What exactly drew my attention away?


We have redesigned this classic cocktail into a refreshing mocktail that promotes hydration with fresh lime juice, sustains passionate energy with a healthy dosage of a CBD tincture with MCT oil, and reignites the vital energy we all crave at the end of a long week with the sweet and curious flavor of Blood Oranges. Kombucha is a great addition to any mixed drink because of its sparkling fizz and gut healing properties. It is filled with good bacteria that can help rebalance your gut chemistry and when paired with the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, we end up with a gentle mood elevating combination. Blood orange as a color is psychologically linked with passion and vitality. The natural summer backdrop of a humid golden hour sunset. This color perfectly embodies the vibe of Sophie and Smirnoff’s serendipitous partnership.

To make your own mocktail...

Start with an intention and your Blood Orange CBD tincture . Your intention can be as simple as "I intend on tuning into my own energy". Chill your tincture while you make your fancy ice. Using a large ice cube tray, slice your blood orange, lemon and lime into 1/4” slices. If your ice cube tray is narrow, slice these into half moons.

Twist your slices and tuck them into the ice cube tray. Apply 3-4 drops of oil on each slice, then cover with water (or lemonade) and freeze overnight. Think about compartmentalization and how your surroundings reflect your mental organization. Out of sight, out of mind?

Next get your mason jar and put in 3 oz Blood Orange Ginger Beer, 1.5 oz Ginger Kombucha, 1.5 oz Watermelon Lemonade, 2 full droppers of CBD and lime juice from 2 limes. Cover and shake well. Consider what needs to be shaken up mentally or what routine has become

comfortable but not quite constructive.

Option to put your fancy ice in a stemless wine glass or copper mug. Strain your mocktail over ice and garnish with mint leaves and additional CBD that will float on the surface.

This recipe is ideal for rehydrating after a big hike,
long day in the sun, or a late night of social
distancing. This can be made in advance and in
large batches to bring to stoop parties and
picnics. It’s recommended that the CBD be added
the day of to each drink, that way personal
preferences can dictate the preferred dosage per
guest. Shake, sip and enjoy!
Thank you to our guest blogger, @FreeDotCom Studio for the lovely blog, images and mocktail recipe !